While a student at NYU, I lived in student housing off campus.  The lower east side building was owned by a very well-known NYC management company and real estate developer.

One morning I was badly hurt when I slipped and fell down a flight of stairs that had been just mopped by the super of my building.  He never put “wet floor” signs up.  The Super saw what happened from the floor above but he did not report what happened.

I didn’t report my fall to building management until several days afterwards, but I did go the emergency room that day.

I only contacted Attorney John Beatty more than TWO YEARS after my accident when I had to have my first surgery due to my fall.  John Beatty was recommended by my family’s lawyer in California, where I am from.  John was amazing!

Despite the time that had passed since I was hurt, John was able to investigate and find the Super that mopped the floor that day.  He had moved to another state!   Though the Super didn’t work for the building anymore, he admitted to John he never put the signs up!

John did a mediation on my case and got me a very significant confidential settlement that I and my parents were very satisfied with.

Thank you, John!   You are an awesome attorney, and I can’t believe you proved my case after so much time had passed.  If you are hurt, DO NOT WAIT to call John Beatty!



In 2021 I was a passenger in a rideshare vehicle when my driver had an accident with two other cars.  I am in my twenties’ and had been out for drinks with a friend.

I had used my App to arrange for the ride.

After the accident I was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.  I needed surgery.   My Uncle is a private investigator and retired NYPD Detective.  He told me to call John Beatty immediately, but it was the middle of the night.  My parents did call and John met with me and my parents right away and was amazing.

John filed a lawsuit right away and was able to get driver statements that proved that the driver was busy paying attention to his phone when we crashed.  John got me an amazingly quick and satisfactory confidential settlement with the driver and the rideshare company.   Thank you, John!  You are the best!


I was badly burned on my arm in 2021.  My parents are retired homicide detectives from the NYPD.  They gave me John’s name as a renowned burn injury lawyer and I am so happy I called him.

Just weeks after I hired John, he was able to get me an excellent settlement from the building owner without the need for a prolonged lawsuit.  John’s investigation into my accident was very thorough and what forced the insurance company to pay me fast and fairly for my burns.  John found crucial witnesses and lined up top experts right away to prove my case.

If you are burned, I highly recommend Attorney John Beatty.  John is very experienced with burn injuries and the law.   He was available for me every step of the way.  We spoke often as John updated me on my case.  John is a very smart attorney and a great guy.   I give John & Beatty Law 5 Stars.  Thank you John!


John Doe

I was a juror on one of John Beatty’s early cases and could see an emerging talent with his natural command of the room.

The depth of John’s prior experience and common sense approach poked holes in faulty logic, illuminating the necessary facts and ultimately defining and driving the narrative of the trial.

Not a surprise to see John’s practice emerge to one of the leaders in his field.

-Trial Juror

John Doe

I was on duty with the NYPD when I was in a bad RMP wreck in Queens.  I was hurt with what turned out to be career-ending injuries and I needed surgery.  I called John immediately.  John came out and met me at the ER and went to the scene right away after making sure I was being treated properly.

John’s investigation helped prove I was not at fault.  He was able to get me a fair tax-free settlement for my injuries without the need for a trial. I truly believe John did such a great job investigating what caused the accident, and the other driver’s insurance company knew they had to settle or get blasted at trial.   If you need an awesome lawyer when you are hurt, John Beatty is the guy who gets it done right with no BS.  He’s also a really great guy.  I cannot recommend him more highly.

Thanks John, from me and the family.

D.B. (Ret. LT., NYPD)

I am the Founder & managing attorney at a well-established defense trial firm with offices in New York and several other states. We refer our personal injury plaintiff cases to John Beatty and Beatty Law, PLLC.   John  has proven time and time again that his experience, street smarts, investigative and trial skills get great results for his clients and ours.   John is well respected by the trial partners of my firm and he enjoys a reputation among the defense bar as a very fine, aggressive and smart trial attorney.


It was John’s tenaciousness and persistence in following up with me as a witness in a different matter that prompted me to call him when I was badly injured in a sidewalk fall in Manhattan.    John immediately went to the scene and undertook an investigation with his expert — before I even hired him — which established safety violations in the sidewalk, which prove that my fall was not my fault.  I highly recommend John as a very smart, personable and aggressive injury attorney.  He is fearless and really fights for his clients.  John always made himself available to speak to me and he clearly understands how to treat his clients.  Thank you John!


I’m a retired FDNY Battalion Chief.  I had the pleasure of meeting attorney John Beatty when he was helping my family after the loss of my mother due to the negligence of a doctor. My Dad is also retired from the FDNY. We found John to be a very knowledgeable, kind and honest guy. He was very thorough and was an excellent advocate for us. John really knows the law. I would highly recommend him to my FDNY family for help when they are faced with an injury or a loss of a loved one.

C.V.,FDNY (Ret.)

I cannot recommend a more qualified lawyer or firm than John and Beatty Law. When my baby was seriously burned because of the negligence of a careless adult, John was instrumental in immediately identifying who was at fault, investigating the scene and conducting interviews. He also got the police and ambulance reports faster than I thought possible. Though my husband and I are doctors, with our daughter in the burn unit we were simply parents of a badly injured child. John’s being with me at the hospital to explain the legal process and to lend us support helped me to understand that my daughter’s case was with the right attorneys. This was one of the hardest times in our lives– with our daughter hospitalized and other children to care for– but John’s calm reassurances and diligence from that very first meeting helped comfort us and achieve a fast and very significant settlement for our child without the need for a lawsuit. Because of John’s efforts, our daughter will have the means to not only take care of her future needs, but to thrive. From personally taking my calls every time, to explaining fairly complex litigation issues, to answering our questions about settlement investments and options, I found John to be very knowledgeable and pragmatic. Thank you very sincerely, John, for everything!


I was very badly burned due to someone else’s stupidity and a defective product. John has a great deal of knowledge of dealing with bad burn injuries and my family and I can’t say enough good things about his lawyering skills. He is unstoppable when it comes to searching for evidence and witnesses. He has contacts everywhere!

I have always recognized that he is an incredibly driven, yet sensitive and compassionate lawyer.

John’s unrelenting commitment to showing the truth uncovered evidence for my case and helped drive a favorable outcome that far surpassed my expectations. I cannot thank you enough, John.