Defective Products

John’s knowledge and experience matters. Results matter.

If you or a loved one have been injured by what you think is a defective product contact John Beatty immediately.

John Beatty has helped to recover tens of millions of dollars investigating and litigating on behalf of people injured by defective products*. John has litigated catastrophic defective product cases, including those involving:

  • Defective products that caused fatal injuries
  • Defective products that caused maiming and scarring
  • Horrific burns caused by defective products
  • Amputations caused by defective products
  • Defective sporting and athletic equipment
  • Products that explode without warning
  • Furniture tip-overs
  • Defective motor vehicles and parts
  • Defective engines
  • Defective conveyor belt systems
  • Defective tools and ladders
  • Defective Trucks
  • Defective airbags
  • Defective household goods and other dangerous products*

Our firm knows of few lawyers in New York with the depth and breadth of the defective product experience John Beatty has investigating, litigating and preparing for trial cases involving fatal and serious injury product liability cases.

John will often come right out to the scene to oversee and lead the investigation immediately—and John’s success has been that he conducts a parallel investigation to that conducted by public authorities and investigators. By contacting John Beatty as soon as possible, John can begin a thorough and complete investigation right away while maintaining the chain of custody for the defective product.

If the product is not in the possession of the police, John will need to secure it and preserve it for inspection by our experts.

Let the aggressive, experienced New York defective products lawyer guide you when you or a loved one is seriously or catastrophically injured by a defective product.

Do not let billion-dollar corporations and insurance companies get away with injuring you with a defective product. Typically, smaller law firms cannot afford to take on these corporate behemoths. Small firms do not have the financial resources to litigate product liability cases against large insurance companies and corporations. Beatty Law, PLLC is an exception.

John Beatty is the products attorney whose impressive prior successes in prosecuting product defect cases places him at the forefront of top  New York injury attorneys.

Because of his successes on behalf of injured clients, John Beatty and Beatty Law can afford to take on any adversary to get you the compensation you deserve when a store or manufacturer causes you or a loved one to suffer injuries.

When you are searching for a lawyer for a defective products case, call the attorney with proven experience in litigating against auto manufacturers, national retail chains, product manufacturers, municipalities and others in defective product cases.

When you are searching for a lawyer for a defective products case, ask each attorney how many of these types of cases they have handled and litigated, and what the results were?

Few lawyers in New York have helped to recover more money than John Beatty in product liability and other matters.*

May denote legal work performed at firms other than Beatty Law, PLLC.

Contact John Beatty at Beatty Law, PLLC today if you or a loved one have been injured or killed by a defective product. Don't wait to protect your rights to compensation. Call John directly at (212) 540-4111