Auto Accidents

John Beatty achieved one of NY's largest car crash settlements for 2021 without the need for a trial. For car crash injuries, contact the experienced NYPD traffic supervisor who became one of New York's most successful serious injury attorneys.

John Beatty has helped recover nearly $100 million dollars for motor vehicle collision victims during his legal career.

In 2021 John achieved what is believed to be one of this year’s largest settlements for a motor vehicle crash, $3.6 million dollars

John has been repeatedly recognized as a Top New York City Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer. BEATTY LAW, PLLC is not aware of many other New York Collision Lawyers with John’s vast experience investigating and litigating such a significant number of fatal and serious collisions.

Some of the catastrophic and devastating automobile crash cases Collision Attorney John Beatty has investigated, litigated and/or settled prior to or at trial in New York.

  • Bronx mother of 5 killed when she was struck by a large commercial delivery truck as she walked on sidewalk
  • Retired NYPD police officer partially blinded in rear-end vehicle collision
  • On-duty NYPD LT. badly hurt when rear-ended on New York City Bridge resulting in career ending injuries
  • Mother and daughter killed by commercial truck that crossed over into their lane in upstate New York
  • Prominent attorney killed when his vehicle was struck by an oncoming truck in inclement weather in upstate New York
  • Brooklyn Woman seriously injured as bicyclist struck by turning vehicle
  • Manhattan Mother bicyclist killed by turning truck
  • Loving married Father of two killed when his vehicle was rear-ended by a large commercial truck in slow traffic on a Brooklyn Expressway
  • Woman struck and seriously injured by double-parked large delivery truck when driver pulled away without looking
  • Police officer RMP passenger (recorder) with traumatic brain injury (TBI) and fractures when her police car collided with a truck in Staten Island
  • Cancer survivor Mother whose vehicle was struck when teenager made an illegal U-turn in Nassau County
  • Manhattan husband and wife out to dinner seriously injured in Hamptons when car carrying 8 teenagers ran a stop sign. Husband was airlifted from scene.
  • College student pedestrian killed because striking driver was overserved by Brooklyn bar (DRAM SHOP)
  • Rear seat car passenger killed when struck by speeding car being chased by Police on Belt Parkway
  • Mother killed in Washington Heights crosswalk by inattentive private ambulance driver while she walked to work in the dark
  • Off-duty NYPD sergeant motorcyclist seriously injured after hitting 7th Avenue pothole in Manhattan
  • Woman pedestrian’s leg amputated when she was struck by overserved driver leaving bar in upstate New York
  • Mother of 3 bicyclist killed in Manhattan intersection by turning truck
  • Father and son pedestrians seriously injured when driver overserved by bar struck them as they walked home from religious service in Nassau County
  • Father and son killed on highway when their vehicle was struck by commercial tractor trailer drive that fell asleep
  • Queens rideshare passenger seriously injured with fractures due to driver inattention
  • Manhattan motorcyclist paralyzed when cut off by passing vehicle
  • Bicyclist struck by turning vehicle. Injuries required surgery and bicyclist suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

It is no accident that I do not call them accidents – if someone injures you with their car, it is a collision caused by another driver’s negligence or a poorly designed roadway, or both.

Even the Police do not call them accidents anymore. They are collisions.   And you may be entitled to compensation for all of your injuries and suffering if you are involved in one.

All of the vehicle crash cases that John handles involve fractures, surgeries and sometimes the need for long term care.  Too often, there is a fatality involved.

John knows how to hold negligent and careless drivers accountable for their actions.  John will also hold bars and restaurants that overserve drivers who then injure others.  These are called DRAMSHOP cases, and John has the experience and expertise to find out the truth about your collision and hold the culpable parties liable.

When you or someone you care about are badly hurt or killed in a motor vehicle collision, call John immediately at (917) 797-9520 to speak directly with the Harvard educated traffic cop turned lawyer, who has helped recover $200 million dollars for people injured due to the negligence of others.

Don’t let evidence that will prove your case disappear.   Get John involved right away to protect your rights to compensation.

John’s knowledge and experience in vehicle collisions matters. Results matter.