Construction Site Accidents

Top New York Labor Lawyer John Beatty has helped recover tens of millions of dollars for injured construction workers.*

John has successfully litigated worker accidents involving catastrophic injuries and death, and has spoken out and been quoted by NY Media regarding catastrophic construction accidents.  John advocates for worker safety and is at the forefront of labor attorneys in New York speaking out for workers.

John Beatty, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, said [the worker’s] death “highlights the hazards confronted every day by construction workers at job sites throughout New York trying to support their families.”   “It also further evidences that immigrant construction workers continue to die disproportionately in our city, and proves that when construction workers are not provided with safe place to work, which our Labor Laws require, tragedies such as this are inevitable and will continue to happen,” he said.


When you are hurt on the job, contact the NYC Construction lawyer who knows the business. John was a former Union construction member and has guided members of Local 3, IBEW, Local 147, Sandhogs, Local 79, Laborers and Mason Tenders, Cement and Concrete Laborers’ Local 20, Carpenters and others in legal concerns regarding:

  • Deck jobs
  • New construction
  • Gut renovations
  • Scaffolding
  • Transit Tunnels
  • Water tunnels
  • Trenching
  • Building Collapses
  • Elevator shaft accidents
  • No Tag Lines
  • Being struck by Equipment
  • Tripping hazards-Debris on ground

When John’s Grandfathers were Union Officials and Sandhogs and Carpenters here in NYC, the conditions were nearly as rough as the men who built this City.

Though conditions have improved, John knows that even today, the construction industry is a world of its own. Legislative safety measures endorsed and fought for by the Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York and others have improved safety for the trades.

Yet workers are injured or killed every day on NYC Construction sites.

The Law

As a worker, you are told to be aware of your site’s safety practices and immediately report site hazards to your employer or to OSHA at 1-800-321-6742. You are told that OSHA will keep your information confidential. You can report anonymously by calling 311. But so what? OSHA admittedly cannot visit every jobsite in the five boroughs, not even close. Even if they could, OSHA penalties are not severe enough to deter the unscrupulous demands of certain well known G.C.’s and site managers.

Ask John Beatty to help make them pay you for your injuries.

The risk of "getting it done" versus getting laid off

Though it is against the law for employers to require a worker to perform a task involving safety risks if the worker has not received proper training for that task, John knows many tradesmen remain subject to job site foreman and bosses insisting on “getting it done” the wrong way.

They use veiled and not-so veiled threats of lay offs if you do not just “get it done”, unsafely and quickly.

John knows that investigations done by site safety managers after an injury are often skewed against you after you have been taken for medical care.

If you are hurt because you have been told to do a job the wrong way or with the wrong equipment, call John Beatty to get you the money you deserve to take care of yourself and your  family.

John Beatty Knows New York’s Labor Law

Construction lawyer John Beatty knows your only real choices in construction are sometimes risking serious injury or picking up your last paycheck. John Beatty knows construction in New York. He did it. For years. He knows your rights.  John has spent countless hours deposing site safety workers, shop stewards, foremen, GC’s and nearly every type of tradesman in the industry to recover tens of millions of dollars for injured workers.

Let John guide you and your family through workman’s compensation and Union benefits and help you get what you deserve and help you get back to work. And if you can’t get back to work, let John help you get back what got you on the jobsite in the first place–the money you deserve to take care of your family.

If you are hurt on a construction site, contact John immediately to protect your rights to compensation and to guide you and your family about your rights under New York’s Labor Laws, including §200, §240, and §241(6).

*May denote legal work performed for firms other than Beatty Law, PLLC

John’s knowledge and experience in NY Labor Law and worksite injuries matters. Results matter.