Attorney Referrals

John Beatty and Beatty Law, PLLC welcome serious injury matter inquiries from New York and out of state attorneys

We welcome client referrals from:
– Lawyers who do not practice New York personal injury law and need someone they trust for referral of an injured client or contact
– Lawyers who occasionally handle an injury case but don’t have the experience or resources available to handle catastrophic injury claims
– Lawyers who want an experienced trial lawyer to give their client the best possible chance at trial
– Out-of-state lawyers with clients, family members or friends who were injured in New York

Attorneys Trust John Beatty’s Proven Trial and Settlement Results

Our referring lawyers trust John with referrals based on years of proven results and satisfied clients. They appreciate the level of service John provides not only to them, but to each client referred.

Referral Partners Benefits
You will receive a personal call from John Beatty notifying you that the potential client has contacted us and whether we are setting an appointment.
You will receive a fee sharing agreement to sign immediately upon our being retained.
Your fee sharing arrangement will be fair and compliant with the New York State Bar rules set forth below.
Your referral fee will be mailed the same day we disperse our fee.
You will receive a statement reflecting actual disbursements of all settlement proceeds.
You will be remembered when our clients and friends need your services.

Call or Email John Beatty anytime to discuss a potential referral

There are often questions about the type of potential case we might accept and you may want to speak with John directly about your options for referring a client. Give John a call or email us anytime to discuss your potential client referral to see if we can work together for the benefit of the client.

Referral fees are honored and paid pursuant to New York’s Code of Professional Responsibility section DR2-107(a) (22 N.Y.C.R.R. 1200.12(a)), which requires that the referring attorney either perform services or assume joint responsibility for the representation.

Specifically, DR 2-107 Division of Fees Among Lawyers:
A. A lawyer shall not divide a fee for legal services with another lawyer who is not a partner or associate of the lawyer’s law firm, unless:
B. The client consents to employment of the other lawyer after full disclosure that a division of fees will be made, and
C. The division is made in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer or, by a writing given the client, each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation, and
D. The total fee of the lawyers does not exceed reasonable compensation for all legal services they rendered the client.