John Beatty gets great results for injured MOS and car crash victims

In May 2021 John achieved one of New York State's largest motor vehicle crash settlements for an NYPD officer injured in an RMP collision, $3.6 million dollars.

Without the need for a trial

John Beatty is a former NYPD supervisor.

He was a very active cop and boss, hurt many times in his career and he knows firsthand how dangerous a first responder’s job can be.

John is a fierce advocate for injured MOS of all ranks

As one of NY’s FINEST, the City of New York owes you a safe place to work under NYS Labor Law 27(a).

John Beatty has recovered millions of dollars for NYPD MOS injured at work as well as off-duty.

As per New York’s General Municipal Law section 205-a, Police Officers  injured on the job may now commence an action against New York City and private defendants such as vehicle drivers and building owners if the officer’s injuries were caused by a violation of a statute, rule, or ordinance.

To win compensation for on-the-job injuries under §205-a,you must show evidence that a federal, state, or local law, code or regulation “directly or indirectly” caused your injury. Building code violations such as illegal conversions and vehicle collisions where a civilian driver violated the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law are common causes of firefighter injuries.

John Beatty has recovered millions of dollars for MOS injured because they were not provided with a safe place to work by the City of New York.

Though John’s career was cut short by a line of duty injury after nearly 18 years, during his NYPD tenure and legal career, John handled hundreds of LOD accident investigations, including RMP collisions, falls and stationhouse injuries.

John Beatty has recovered millions of dollars for NYPD police officers and their families  injured in serious car crashes, falls and wrongful death matters.

John has investigated and approved hundreds of line of duty injury incidents for MOS. John served in multiple commands and was awarded more than two dozen Departmental recognitions and commendations while also being recognized as a Community Police Officer of the Year by the Police Commissioner.

John is a proud member of the NYPD Honor Legion, inducted for stopping an armed home invasion without firing a shot. He performed robbery, burglary, narcotic and anti-crime work and supervised detectives in the 83rd Precinct, where he served as a police officer and sergeant, and other Brooklyn South, Brooklyn North, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan North commands.

John was awarded the NYPD Harvard Scholarship while on patrol in Bushwick.

He later worked in the P.C.’s office before becoming a supervising Attorney in the in the NYPD Legal Bureau.

John knows the NYPD inside and out.

John knows this City inside out.

Important Take-Aways If You Are An Injured MOS

If you are hurt by a run-down property or in a building or in a RMP collision while on the job –and it does not have to be during an emergency–you may be entitled to recover compensation in addition to any pension related benefits!

  • Contact me before filling out your LOD paperwork.  Don’t let an incompetent supervisor screw up your reports.
  • Always make out a LOD report, even if you don’t go sick.
  • Try to get witness statements.
  • Take photographs of your accident site.
  • Don’t listen to colleague’s opinions about your incident.  John is an expert with decades of policing and injury law experience, more than any of your colleagues.
  • John will guide you to protect your rights and your benefits.
  • Contact the proven attorney that has helped recover millions of dollars for police officers and their families.

John Beatty is fearless. John knows policy and the law.
As a cop and attorney, John has been Fighting for the rights and safety of New York cops since 1990.
And John will Fight for you when you or your family are injured.

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