Bicycle and Scooter Collisions

John’s knowledge and experience litigating catastrophic bicycle injury matters. Results matter.

John Beatty is not only a very experienced Bicycle Accident Attorney, but he is also a cyclist. He knows how difficult it is to ride in New York, even when using the bikemap.

Careless and inattentive motorists and New York’s haphazardly laid out and broken roadways are a constant threat to cyclists. John Beatty has proven experience litigating fatal and serious injury bicycle injury cases in New York City on behalf of cyclists struck by trucks and cars. John leaves no stone unturned to collect evidence to get you and your family the compensation you deserve.

Tragically, John knows that these ‘ghost bikes” all over our City are a testament to how little concern is given to cyclists in New York, no matter how safely they ride.

An avid cyclist, John has participated in many New York organized rides including the TD 5 Boro Bike Tour and has ridden from Queens to the Montauk Lighthouse. John was also a bicycle cop in the NYPD and regularly rode with Transportation Alternatives in and around Central Park in an effort to keep cars and cyclists safely apart and to promote bicycle safety awareness.

If you were just in serious bike crash, contact the attorney who knows what its like to ride in this town.

Call the attorney that understands how few motorists respect our bicycle lanes. Call John Beatty right away to tell your story. John will review your bicycle crash for free, promptly and with no obligation on your part.

What Is The Primary Cause Of Bike Crashes?

The number one cause of serious injuries and fatalities to bicyclists throughout the New York City Area is speeding by car, truck and other motor vehicle drivers.Illegally parked vehicles force us out of bike lanes into active lanes of traffic. Trucks fail to safely turn and stop suddenly without warning. Even small increases in speed above the limit translates into large increases in the risk of death in a traffic collision. Speeding increases a car’s stopping distance and collision force.

In 2020 over 21 bicyclists were killed in New York. This is unacceptable.

Attorney John Beatty and Beatty Law, PLLC are proud supporters of Families for Safe Streets.

Attorney John Beatty is also a proud supporter of Transportation Alternatives

Frequent causes of bike accidents include:

  • drivers speeding or running red lights,
  • drivers making an illegal left or U turn, colliding with an oncoming bicyclist the opposite lane,
  • drivers providing bicyclists insufficient space when passing,
  • drivers illegally parked in or entering bike lanes.
  • drivers or passengers opening a car door without looking to see that a bicyclist was approaching (called being “doored’),
  • careless or inattentive driving (often due to using a mobile phone or testing while driving) , or
  • driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In certain cases, non-driver factors lead to a bicycle crash. These factors can include roadway hazards, poorly marked construction sites, construction site debris, sand, or gravel on roadways, and other dangerous road conditions.

If the City of New York or other public agency may be at fault for your crash, please do not delay in contacting us. In New York, the statute of limitations (deadline for filing a claim) can be as little as 90 days from the date of your crash.

Even If I Was Partially At Fault, May I Still File A Bicycle Accident Lawsuit?

Yes. John often sees cases in which the police report places the fault on the bicyclist for the bicycle accident. The police report, while important evidence, is not binding on the court and can be based on a faulty analysis resulting in the wrong conclusion. John will thoroughly and independently review your case. In the past John has recovered video, telephone records and other evidence to help injured bicyclists get the compensation they deserve. Even if you were partially at fault, you have the right to recover damages if carelessness or speeding by the driver or other reasons were substantial factors in causing the accident and your injuries.

Why Do I Need A Bike Accident Lawyer? Can’t I Reach A Deal with the Driver’s Car Insurance Company On My Own?

Yes, but if your injuries were serious we highly recommend that you speak to us first. Car insurance companies generally suck, they do not care about cyclists—only their bottom line. Insurance Companies are for profit corporations. The way they make money is refusing to pay out claims or by keeping settlements as low as possible.

Do not be surprised, no matter what the police report states, if the insurance company tries to place the fault for the accident on you, claim you didn’t need the medical treatment you received, and argue you will not suffer any long-term injuries from your bike accident.

Only an experienced and skilled bicycle accident attorney can maximize the value of your case. John has investigated and litigated bicycle crashes with fractures, internal injuries, concussions, and other serious injures including the wrongful death of the cyclist.

Why We Are The Best Bike Accident Attorney For You?

John Beatty possesses the street and legal knowledge and experience to thoroughly investigate your case and ensure you receive the maximum recovery the law allows for your injuries. John personally knows how devastating physically, emotionally, and financially a serious bike accident can be to the surviving family or the devastated cyclist. John will treat you with compassion and respect while he aggressively fights for your rights. John will be with you every step of the legal process.

John is known for taking challenging and complicated cases to trial and prevailing.

At Beatty Law, PLLC you and your family will receive individual, attentive legal representation by a very highly experienced bicycle accident attorney with an outstanding record of success. John Beatty has substantial financial and technological resources that few individual attorneys or small law firms can provide.  John has access to the leading accident reconstruction and biomechanics experts for cases involving brain, spine, neck and back injuries.  Let us help you get the compensation you deserve for your damages and pain & suffering.

If you want the truth about what caused your bike crash, and if you have been in a serious bike crash due to the fault of another, contact John Beatty today at (212) 540-4111. John will review your case for free, promptly and with no obligation on your part.