Truck, Subway, Train & Bus Accidents

John’s knowledge and experience with truck, bus & train accidents matters. Results matter.

Tens of Millions of Dollars Recovered for Accident Victims*

Few attorneys have investigated and litigated the variety of serious and fatal regional truck and rail accidents and collisions that John Beatty has.

John has helped recover multiple high seven figure settlements for passengers injured or killed in railway derailments and trucking collisions*

Call John now at (212) 540-4111 to speak with him about your accident.   Ask about John’s experiences litigating some of the most tragic and serious accident and negligence cases in the Country before hiring a less qualified accident attorney to represent you.

John drives the same roadways you do.  With his monthly metro-card, John takes the same New York subway, bus and commuter rail systems you do.  John knows how quickly accidents while traveling can change your life, turning it upside down in an instant.

When you are seriously injured, turn to trusted attorney John Beatty to help support you and guide you.   John will protect your legal rights.

John begins working immediately to help you so you and your family may begin the process of trying to heal.  John leaves no stone unturned to collect evidence to get you and your family the compensation you deserve after an accident, whether on the road or rail or in the transit system.

John Beatty has helped recover Tens of Millions of dollars for families affected by tragic road and rail accidents.

John Beatty is a very experienced train accident/derailment and truck collision injury lawyer.  He has investigated and litigated fatal and serious train derailments, including Amtrak Train 188 and train derailments on the Long Island Rail Road.

John has also investigated and successfully litigated fatal and serious trucking accidents throughout New York State and out of state.

John has helped recover Tens of millions of dollars for people killed and injured by speeding trains and trucks.

When you or a loved one has been killed or seriously injured, you need a top truck, bus or train accident injury lawyer.

Before you hire a lawyer for your self or your family, speak immediately and directly with John Beatty at (212) 540-4111 to learn about his experiences investigating on-scene at fatal and serious accident sites and how John can help you.

Ask John about his investigations and post-crash train and truck inspections with experts.  Learn about John’s vast experience as a top New York Litigator and in the NYPD with serious and fatal truck collisions and truck equipment inspections.

When you and a loved one have been injured, call the proven experienced accident lawyer who himself often gets the evidence needed to prove your case, quickly and decisively.

John Beatty has helped recover tens of millions of dollars for the victims of reckless truck drivers, shipping companies and truckers with defective equipment.

Attorney John Beatty and Beatty Law, PLLC are proud supporters of Families for Safe Streets.

Attorney John Beatty is also a proud supporter of Transportation Alternatives

Born and raised in New York City, John knows that mass transportation is often the only means for citizens to travel.  However, in addition to the delays and dirty environment, there are real dangers involved with traveling by subway, rail or bus.  As a rider, you are entitled to a safe place to enter and exit, and safe bus stops and subway and rail platforms.  However, most transportation accidents occur because buses and subway stairs and platforms not properly cleaned or maintained.

John was a cop in the NYPD and regularly investigated traffic accidents involving bus and rail crashed whose passengers were injured, or pedestrians injured due to faulty equipment or careless operators/drivers.

There are very strict time deadlines to take action if you have been injured in the MTA, NYC Transit system or on the LIRR. Call John today to preserve what legal rights you may still have after your accident at (212) 540-4111.

If you were recently injured on a bus, train or subway, contact the attorney who knows what its like to ride in this town. Call John Beatty right away to review your injury for free, promptly and with no obligation on your part.

Trucking Accidents

Beatty Law knows of few other attorneys with John’s experience investigating and litigating fatal and serious truck collisions.  If you have been injured by a truck, call the experienced NYC truck accident attorney.  In the NYPD, John supervised in the Traffic Division, where Trucks were inspected by our Motor Carrier Safety Unit for equipment violations in an effort to prevent collisions.  Too often, missing mirrors, bad brakes and other equipment violations cause or contribute to Trucking injuries and death to New York pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists.

Attorney John Beatty has investigated and litigated multiple fatal and serious truck collisions involving major international shipping lines, garbage trucks, mail and package delivery services, contractor vans, communications trucks, commercial tractor-trailers and more.  John has investigated and litigated fatal and other serious trucking collisions involving injured motorists, pedestrians, children in strollers, and bicyclists.

John often sees cases in which the police report places the fault on victim of the accident. The police report, while important evidence, is not binding on the court and can be based on a faulty analysis resulting in the wrong conclusion. John will thoroughly and independently review your case. In the past John has recovered video, telephone records and other evidence to help people injured by trucks  get the compensation they deserve. Even if you were partially at fault, you have the right to recover damages if carelessness or speeding by the truck driver or other reasons such as defective equipment or training were substantial factors in causing the accident and your injuries.

Federal Trucking Regulations in New York State

John Beatty knows well that the commercial trucking industry in New York is subject to both state and federal law.  Strict New York state and federal guidelines, including the NYS Vehicle and Traffic Law (“VTL”) and the Commercial Federal Regulations (CFR”) govern the actions of truck drivers and their employers.

John accepts trucking and rail matters throughout New York State and other states.

If you were hurt in a trucking accident, it is best to speak to John Beatty as soon as possible.  State and Federal rules can be challenging to interpret. It is essential to work with experienced New York trucking lawyer who has prosecuted multiple fatal and serious trucking collision cases against National and Local Trucking Companies.  John can ensure a full investigation is done regarding the truck driver’s compliance with Federal and other Trucking Regulations.

What Federal Agencies Govern the Trucking Industry?
The Department of Transportation (“DOT”) regulates the commercial trucking industry through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (“FMCSA”). The FMCSA sets forth regulations for truck drivers and trucking companies.  John Beatty is familiar with the complexity of these rules and can help accident crash victims understand these rules better and how they might apply to their case.

What Are Some Examples of Federal Trucking Rules?
There are many FMCSA regulations that might be relevant after a trucking accident. It is best to speak to John Beatty, a knowledgeable truck crash attorney, to learn about the federal trucking regulations in New York.

Adequate Insurance
Since trucks are so large, truck accidents can cause immense property damage and severe personal injuries and fatalities, so trucking companies need to maintain sufficient insurance coverage to cover their potential losses. Insurance minimums required under the FMCSA also vary according to the amount and type of cargo. For example, a trucking company that routinely transports hazardous waste materials would need higher insurance coverage.

Trucker Requirements
The FMCSA sets forth specific requirements for commercial truck drivers, including required documentation of their activities, the minimum of which are that all truckers are required to have a commercial driver’s license and be over 21.

Limits On The Number Of Driving Hours
The FMCSA requires drivers to keep a regular, written log of their driving hours. To prevent accidents that occur due to driver fatigue, drivers must adhere to strict driving time limits.

Overall Safety Of The Truck
The FMCA reviews the safety of trucks to see if they are safe enough to travel on public roads. If the agency finds any problems, they notify the truck drivers and truck companies, who are then obligated to fix them.

The FMCSA requires trucking companies to inspect their vehicles routinely and to fix any worn out parts. John Beatty and Beatty Law, PLLC understand all of these regulations and know how they might apply to your trucking accident.

A skilled truck collision attorney can maximize the value of your case. John has investigated and litigated truck and bicycle and pedestrian and other motor vehicle crashes with fractures, internal injuries, brain injuries and other serious injures, including the wrongful deaths of victims.

How Can John Beatty Help You?

John Beatty possesses the street and legal knowledge and experience to thoroughly investigate your case and ensure you receive the maximum recovery the law allows for your injuries. John personally knows how devastating physically, emotionally, and financially a serious accident can be to the surviving family or the devastated victims. John will treat you with compassion and respect while he aggressively fights for your rights. John will be with you every step of the legal process.

John is known for taking challenging and complicated cases to trial and prevailing.

At Beatty Law, PLLC you and your family will receive individual, attentive legal representation by a very highly experienced accident attorney.  John is a proven trial attorney with an outstanding record of success. John Beatty and Beatty Law, PLLC have substantial financial and technological resources that few individual attorney or small law firms can provide.

*Denotes legal work that may have been performed at firms other than Beatty Law, PLLC

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